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Sublime Designs Media is a complete branding and marketing agency based out of Los Angeles. We specialize in the art of communication: connecting the visual image with the written word to create brands that truly make an impact. Our goal is simple: to create a strong brand that is effectively communicated through the written word, creative design and beyond. We work in print and online media, tapping into the most appropriate channels for your message, whether an online blog, a printed book or a billboard ad. We offer cost-effective solutions that work with your budget and your timeline.

When people think of art, iconic works like Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Michelangelo’s David come to mind. But art is about much more than what meets the eye. It’s about expertise, style and precision.Today’s artists may be found in studios painting or sculpting, but they are also found designing at a computer, producing worldwide events or brainstorming at a meeting. Communication has become a fine art, whether in writing or in design. A true artist will spend hours pouring over the perfect word, refining a single shape on a drawing or photographing the perfect image that will speak a thousand words.


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  • "Sublime Designs Media’s ability to realize my company’s concept and vision was incredibly impressive. They are attentive, efficient, collaborative, and creative. The result of their hard work was a high quality, stunning logo and website that perfectly reflects my company’s brand. I have already received numerous clients through my website. I give them my highest recommendation!"

    Jackie Travers
    Busy Bride Planning + Consulting