PARI’s Challenge:

The challenge of funding is one that many nonprofits face, unfortunately. And PARI, a nonprofit located at a 200-acre facility once used by NASA and the Department of Defense, was no exception. PARI hired a new CEO to come in and reimagine how their beautiful facility could be used, not only as a camp, but also for businesses and researchers. With this new business plan in place, they needed a shiny new brand to match. Their main challenge: how to effectively communicate to everyone from students and parents, to businesses and researchers.

Our Sublime Solution:

Sublime Designs was hired to help PARI rebrand and create a new website to reflect the refreshed brand and messaging we developed. We started by traveling to their site in North Carolina where we led our one-day workshop to help them redefine their mission and values. To gain a holistic perspective, we researched their competitors and interviewed their customers, which helped inform the new messaging and design, including a new logo, that we created. PARI offers a variety of services – from summer camps and school field trips to business services and research opportunities – so it was important to make sure we communicated this in a way that was both informative and fun. We focused on top-level messaging that could appeal to and inspire everyone, including the slogan “Discover a universe of possibility,” that was followed by various journeys the visitor could take to learn more based on what their interests were. On the visual side, we superimposed technical drawings onto the beautiful photographs they had of their facility. We also created a custom icon library that gave each icon a 3D feel. Ultimately, our goal was to create a memorable brand and messaging that captured PARI’s spirit of exploration and encompassed all that they offer while celebrating their storied history.

From there, we used the new brand to create a beautiful updated website using a journey approach: on the homepage you’re immediately shown a list of each of the five journey and customers can navigate to whatever area interests them most.