Offleash’s Challenge
Offleash is a high-powered PR agency representing some of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. As one of our longtime clients, we’ve supported Offleash over the years as they’ve grown and evolved. Over the last 2 years in particular, they’ve experienced tremendous growth and at the same time their ownership changed hands. With all this change, they decided it was time to reimagine their visual identity and website in a way that reflected the level of their work, the results they were getting for clients, and their sophistication as a brand. That’s where we came in.
Our Sublime Solution:
Building off of the existing visual identity that we created for Offleash several years ago, we approached their brand refresh with a focus on who they are today. And today it’s all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, not only breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling but also shattering industry norms. We put this front and center on their website as you land on the homepage — the first thing you see is breaking glass across their homepage. We used bold punctuation marks such as quotes and commas (as seen in their logo) as part of the imagery — a subtle nod to the agency’s purpose statement “Make a Mark”, as well as a play on the wordsmithing they do for their clients. The result is a sophisticated, yet memorable, website that embodies this fierce agency and the work they do.