Logos 101: Six Tips from Our Brand Experts


Capturing both your mission and your brand in one simplified image is not as easy as it looks. Consider the most successful logos in the world (like Apple or PBS) — many of them are simplified shapes splashed with bright colors. But looks can be deceiving. Top brand names spend chunks of change and hire teams of expert designers to do months of dedicated research to create that perfect logo.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a simplified process for businesses looking for an impactful logo. Get a sneak peek with these tips below:


#1 Research. Research. Research.

The first phase in designing an iconic logo for your brand is research. You’ll need to conduct research on your target audience to determine their likes, dislikes, habits, and annoyances. Your customer base will fall within certain demographics — like age range, geographic region, or even educational level. Take the extra step to talk to your potential customer base, because that will position you to better target what they’re doing.

Oh, and don’t forget to research fonts, colors, graphics that are outside of the box. Your competition might want to stick to the safety of a simple logo, which could be the thing that makes you and your logo design dodge just left of the norm.


#2 Whose opinion matters most?

Repeat these nine simple words: Your logo design should not be something you like.

Your company logo should never be based on personal taste. Branding is motivated by the customer, so any and all creative decisions should be customer-focused. All logo design decisions need to be steeped in customer research and targeting audience preferences.


#3 A brand apart

This part of the process gives you the freedom to differentiate. Don’t be afraid to look different from competitors — set yourself apart. In fact, veer right when your competition goes left. Jump high when they duck. You might choose to do the exact opposite of what others are doing when it comes to designing and branding your logo. That’s okay, because this kind of differentiation ensures you don’t get lost in the crowd.


#4 Find meaning

Create a logo that has meaning. You might choose to style it any which way, but it will make a bigger impact if your logo incorporates a message or symbol — look at FedEx, Target, UPS, Baskin Robbins, Wendy’s, and so many other top brands for examples.

In fact, our Sublime Design Media logo incorporates the well-known Fibonacci Sequence. It’s yet another way we show our clients we have a sublime effect on everything we do.


#5 Selection process

Once your design team has designed a few logo options that fit the requirements, we suggest implementing a set process to determine the winning company logo. Everyone is going to have an opinion. But if you follow Tip #2 above, you’ll be keeping your customer top-of-mind. Here’s Sublime’s suggestion — pick three people you trust to make the decision. Assign one referee to make the final call if there is a tie.


Most logos are deceivingly simple — they may look easy to create but people go to school for years to learn how to design them, along with all the specific requirements pertaining to their usage. So if you’re looking to design a logo for your brand, our first suggestion is to sit down with one of these expert designers to discuss your brand and mission. 

If you’re still feeling a little unsure about branding and design, we can guide you. Learn more about how Sublime Designs Media can help you create your perfect company logo, contact us now.