Create the Perfect Brand for Your Event


Events provide a platform to differentiate and amplify your brand. They’re often orchestrated with the express purpose of creating awareness of the brand. The strategic marketing surrounding this corporate-influenced event is called event branding.

Your brand’s voice gives your organization a unique personality, makes your products and services memorable to customers, and distinguishes your brand from the competition. There are two equally important parts of event branding that lead to an event’s success — strategy and design.


Event Branding Strategy

Many corporate events are attended by potential clients, customers, and even prospects — giving companies the opportunity to brand their services and products directly to their target audience over the course of an evening or a few hours’ time.

Event branding strategy gives business leaders the freedom to conceptualize a theme that will make both an impression and engage brand advocates. You should approach event brand strategy and design with the aim of staying true to your company’s identity, while still going outside of the box to make a big impression on event attendees.

Start with a team strategy session to choose a worthy theme and determine the surrounding event materials which will resonate with your customers. Your chosen theme is a linchpin of the event because it not only captures the personality of the brand, but makes an impression on your guests and sets your brand apart from the competition.

And let’s not downplay the importance of making an impression on your guests through theme. Choosing a meaningful theme can add value for event attendees — hopefully they leave the event having learned something new. And in doing so, your brand has made an impression on potential customers.


Event Branding Design

The second (but no less vital) aspect of a successful branded event is design. Branded event design carries your branded voice throughout the special event, distinguishing everything as your own — from napkin holders to carpeting.

Design choices create a cohesive experience for event attendees. Much like a concert, play, or movie production, a branded event’s theme is communicated through location choice, lighting, predetermined furniture, textiles, accents, and even catered food.

Uniquely branded materials at the event — like printed programs, brochures, posters, website, party swag, booth branding, and presentational design — will make a memorable impression on guests and set your brand apart from competitors.


Sublime Designs Media can help you push your agenda through a well-positioned, well-planned branded event. Reach out to Sublime Designs Media for help pinpointing your event branding strategy — including the target audience, theme, strategy, and design. We’ll help you strategize and promote an engaging branded event.