Five Ways to Build Brand Awesomeness During the Holiday Season


The holidays are here. Everywhere you look, you see commercial brands of all kinds putting their festive spin on products and marketing. At Sublime Designs Media, we encourage you to embrace both the spirit and your values during this time of year.

Although many people perceive the holidays as a slower time for business, a timely themed twist on everyday branding can provide your business with the leverage needed to bring in those few stalwart prospective clients you’ve attempted to entice for the last 10 months. Amplifying your brand in the following ways can also strengthen your relationships with existing clients.

By injecting a little cheer into your brand around the holidays, you can position your company to make a positive impact at the end of the year. Here’s a few of our suggestions to get you started!

  1. Now is a good time to remind people of what is important to you and your company. Incorporate those values into your marketing messaging; whether that be video, social media posts, blogs, or newsletters, etc. Use your newsletter or blog to communicate those values in a heartfelt message. And don’t forget to carry the holiday-themed messaging into your ad copy.
  2. Mail your cheer in the post. Sending out cards provides a memorable platform to update clients on your recent wins (read as: reminding them of how awesome you are). Cards also equip customers with a tangible reminder of your company and brand, subliminally suggesting a stop at your website or store. Holiday hint: Take the extra step to include a discount code or promotional insert, so customers get a card and a gift.
  3. Get holiday promo swag decked out with your company logo. It could be scarfs, mugs, gift bags, or air horns (just make sure your employees don’t pull them out during client meetings). Your promo item should work double duty — reminding clients and customers of you and your values and bringing them joy. Gifting these promotional items sends the message that you’re grateful for their continued patronage.
  4. Contests and charities are a popular event year-round, but especially during the time of year when everyone is pondering their personal values… the end of the year. Strike when the iron’s hot. Find the causes that hold meaning for your business, your employees, and even your customers. Holiday hint: Create a charity poll, where the winning charity gets your yearly donation.
  5. Brand your party! Think about a theme and find a way to incorporate your brand into that theme. Swag-laden giveaways are perfect addition to any festivities, so why not brand all those bundles of presents? Holiday hint: We can even customize your brand onto gift wrap, so you can wrap all your holiday purchases!

Feel free to steal these tips for your own. But in case you need our branding expertise, contact Sublime Designs Media if you’d like more of our helpful suggestions and expertise in making spirits bright this holiday season. We’ll come to the rescue and save any last-minute, end-of-year needs.