An Introduction to Your Brand Is Like a First Date


“Being well-dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.”

While this lovely aphorism is usually interpreted in reference to clothing, there are important lessons within it that relate to brand identity.  A “well-dressed” brand is the utmost form of politeness, and marketability, when approaching prospects.  It’s the difference between a warm greeting and a cold shoulder.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, brands appeal to customers’ feelings and then tie them to a particular product or service.  When a brand is “well-dressed” and “put together,” like a well-styled outfit, consumers infer certain things about it (whether or not they’ve even tried the product).  It may not always live up to the image it projects, but beautiful presentation makes for an impeccable brand introduction.

Imagine for a minute that you are going on a first date. Suppose your date shows up neatly manicured, clean-shaven, and wearing pressed, proper clothing. Before you even speak to her, her appearance has demonstrated a certain amount of respect and interest in you.  Whether she is a suitable companion will be determined over dinner, but a poised, elegant first impression will certainly kick off the interaction on a promising note.

Leave your prospects wanting more with a “well-dressed” introduction and they will more than likely ask your brand on a second date.