Holiday Branding: Should You Buy Into The Craze?


The Holidays pose an interesting challenge for brands of all sorts. As soon as the leaves begin to change, it seems as if every brand begins to offer some sort of “holiday” item. From Eggnog Lattes in classic red cups at Starbucks to crazy Black Friday deals at Bloomingdales, it seems like everyone has their own spin on the season.

The question, though, is should your brand hop on the holiday bandwagon as well? The honest answer is that it depends on your brand and what you stand for. For some brands, specifically in the Food and Beverage industry, it can make sense. Adding a bit of peppermint to your treats, or holiday flare to a drink, can increase sales. For others though, it comes across as gimmicky and feels like it was simply tacked on in a last-minute in an effort to drive sales.

Take REI, the outdoor and recreation store, for example. Instead of following the trend of having killer sales on Black Friday, they publicly announced they would close their doors that day and give their employees the day off, in hopes everyone will #OptOutside. By doing so, they not only set themselves apart, but do so in a way that makes sense within their brand vision.

All in all, it’s easy for brands to feel pressure during the holidays to participate in the holiday madness. The key, though, is to ensure that whatever you do is relevant to your brand.