Stay Relevant with Logo Design Trends


When starting a business or rebranding, it can be helpful to know where the market is headed. By taking stock of emerging branding and logo design trends (and those that are dropping off), you will stay relevant with your target customer base. Below are some of Sublime’s observations on the latest and greatest design trends to get you started:

Gradients – Flat design is all about simplicity and we have seen that for the past few years. So how do you improve upon the success of flat without going off the deep end?! Gradients. What are gradients you ask? Well my young padawan, gradients combine the simple nature of flat and add just a tad more to logos to give them a 3D look and feel. This makes the logo look richer without becoming overbearing.

Calligraphy – Modern lettering is so last year. We have all seen it, the very black and white, cut and dry lettering companies have been using for the past few years now. Snoozeville, USA right? However, lately we have noticed that more and more brands are deciding to stand out from the crowd using typography that has more of a human touch to it. You’ll soon start to notice companies reaching for the typographies that are a bit fuller and flow more than their straight-lined, hard-edged modern counterparts.

Polygonal Shapes – Similar to the idea of gradients, a polygonal logo add just a touch more complexity and depth to a design while keeping the same flat aesthetic. It gives logos a cool, almost robotic look that helps any brand stand out in an unconventional and ultramodern way. Using this technique gives the logo a hint of texture without becoming too baroque or jarring.

Vintage Design – Everything, so they say, is cyclical and the vintage logo comeback is a great example of just that. Although these wouldn’t work for every company out there, certain brands will feel right at home using a vintage logo to stamp their products. These logos tend to have more detail and take a bit more time and creativity to get just right, but fear not!  Vintage logos are a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement about your brand’s values, aesthetic and charm.

Negative Space – The use of negative space has been picking up steam in recent years, and this year we see no signs of it slowing down. This is most famously exemplified in the Fedex logo, which employs the use of negative space to hide an arrow in plain sight. Negative space is a technique that makes use of everything that isn’t your logo. This clean, clutter-free approach is aesthetically pleasing and a testament that, in many cases, less is more.  Negative space is always a good choice if you are seeking subtlety, and wish to make your logo and its branding message pop.