Why a strong foundation is everything in marketing
Editor’s Note: This is a collaborative blog post between Megan Adler, CEO of Sublime Designs Media, and Christopher Doran, CEO of Invado Solutions. It’s no secret we’re living in times of economic uncertainty. It’s all the more reason (as if there wasn’t reason enough already) to make sure you’re getting the most out of your […]
To say that people have limited attention spans these days is an understatement. In fact, I’ll just be happy if you make it to the end of this blog. Between emails, texts, phone calls, FaceTimes, the tv, news, social media and everything else begging for our attention on a daily basis, it’s no wonder. As […]
Chances are you’ve heard about and/or have been impacted by the “Great Resignation.” As of November 2021, 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs. On top of that, one in four people quit their jobs within six months of starting in 2021. But why? To us, this signals that people are realizing that employers aren’t living […]
As the great Bob Dylan famously said, “Times, they are a changin’.” And man, are they ever. Yet, despite this, many companies are doing the same ol’ thing with the same ol’ formula when it comes to their websites, and it isn’t working anymore. It’s time to start considering the customer and how they interact […]
Merging brands is a lot like merging lives with someone else when you get married. Although you’re dealing with more complex questions than whose blender to keep, in both situations the answers aren’t always black and white and there are a ton of variables to consider. Moreover, the decisions you make will have major and […]
One of the most common questions we get from our clients here at Sublime is “just how closely should I stick to my brand?” Our clients are wondering what guardrails exist and if so, where are they? Do all publications and events need to look just like the website and brochures, or is it ok […]
ad·vo·ca·cy Noun: public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. The history books will have a lot to say about the year 2020. And not just because of the global pandemic that has collectively changed the way the world operates and lives. In the United States, it’s been a year where the […]
Oof. How’s everyone doing? Seems like a loaded question to ask these days, let alone one to try to answer. You may have noticed we’ve taken a bit of a hiatus on the blog these last couple months. There’s a lot going on in the world right now (understatement of the century – we know) […]
You’ve written your mission statement. You’ve looked at competitors’ websites and marketing materials. You know the value of your offering in shifting marketplaces. But there’s one more crucial aspect of designing your brand that can make or break your efforts: connecting with your customers’ feelings, and thinking long and hard about how they might emotionally […]
Your company mission plays a major part in the way you run your company — including who you hire, what you do with profit, even down to who your clients are. But most importantly, your mission will guide all of your branding and marketing efforts. Your mission builds your brand. If your mission is about […]
Events provide a platform to differentiate and amplify your brand. They’re often orchestrated with the express purpose of creating awareness of the brand. The strategic marketing surrounding this corporate-influenced event is called event branding. Your brand’s voice gives your organization a unique personality, makes your products and services memorable to customers, and distinguishes your brand […]
It’s difficult to compete in today’s world. The saturated market means you must differentiate yourself to become notable. And one way to make sure you stand apart is to formulate a personality around your product or service — your branded voice. For Sublime Designs Media, branded voice is an active verb — it sets the […]