Introducing our New Logo


Sublime Designs Media is thrilled to unveil our new logo as the final phase in our rebranding initiative.

The name Sublime Designs Media was inspired by “On the Sublime,” an essay written by Greek scholar Longinus. Longinus described the sublime as a sort of out-of-body experience attained through aesthetic experiences of the highest caliber and craft.

Here at Sublime Designs Media, we strive to elevate marketing to the level of the sublime–whether through marketing strategy, branding, or management consulting. We construct seamless customer journeys, design beautiful brands, and create well-aligned teams all in the pursuit of a more perfect marketing organization. With our support, marketing teams can become truly sublime.

In creating our logo, we looked to the spontaneous perfection that occurs everywhere in nature: the golden ratio. The circles and lines in our logo represent the geometric manifestation of this naturally occurring pattern. In addition, the golden ratio is a unique combination of mathematics and aesthetics, much like our own practice: we deliver beautiful results backed by data and insights.

We look forward to venturing into this new direction for our own brand, while maintaining our dedication to creating the sublime for our clients every day.