Sparetime Supply’s Challenge

Sparetime Supply was started by husband and wife team Dianne and Mike in 1980 out of Willits, CA. They grew their business quickly, and it soon became one of California’s largest distributors for the garden supply industry. They wanted to stay to true to their roots and put their values–especially old-time customer service–at the forefront of everything they did.  As the company continued to grow, it became apparent that they had to step up their marketing game and update their brand to stay ahead of the competition.


Our Sublime Solution:

We started by facilitating a branding and marketing workshop with key team leaders–we also interviewed customers, surveyed their competitors, and learned what set them apart from the competition. We brought this data together and used it to create a new marketing and branding strategy for the company.Since staying true to their roots was central to their strategy, we worked closely with the leadership team at Sparetime to create a new brand identity that reflected who they were and were they came from. We also worked closely with the marketing manager on implementing the new marketing and branding strategies at all levels.