When Blaise Miller asked us to create a brand for his production company, 2 Blazes, we jumped at the opportunity. We knew his unique voice and sense of humor would give us the opportunity to create a brand with true personality. We started with a workshop to understand Blaise’s goals for the company, his target audience, and his competitors. During this workshop we also brainstormed ideas for his brand voice and personality + his brand story and design framework.

We also sought to understand his “why” behind 2 Blazes and it’s interesting name. Blaise wants people to know they’re not alone and to create films that are true, telling stories about the every day challenges we face. To that end, 2 Blazes creates films that reflect the inner truth about being human. And the name — it’s from something his father, Blaise Sr. used to say when they were together, “It’s getting hot in here — there’s 2 Blaises.”

Armed with this background information, our team went away and set out to bring this quirky brand to life.

We wrote a mission statement and a manifesto about Blaise’s approach to his films, and created his brand story. With each word we wrote, we tried to bring out his unique voice and encapsulate all the passion he had for his films. For the brand design, we focused on creating a vintage looking style with a blazing logo to match.

Next, we used all of this branding to create a website for 2 Blazes. The website opens with a quirky animation showing Blaise’s head opening, revealing all of his thoughts inside. From there, as you click through to each tab, you see his work and services, as well as learn a little more about his story.

This brand was so much fun to create and it shows in every detail!